To stay competitive in today's environment, it is crucial to achieve speed, accuracy and efficiency in the preconstruction process

At Precon India, we empower US construction companies with access to a rich pool of highly skilled professionals based in India.

Example Experts

Take Off Specialists
Project Managers
BIM Specialists
3D Renderers

The Precon India Process

Understanding Your Needs

We start by exploring your unique staffing requirements. This includes potential roles, detailed job descriptions, specific skill sets, and software familiarity.

Expert Candidates

Since we specialize in preconstruction, we leverage our expertise to select only the best candidates from our pool of experts before presenting them to you.

Preparing for Success

When you have selected your perfect candidate, we are committed to ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

Our pre-start checklists facilitate successful training to include hardware and software setup, remote configurations and seamless integration into your processes, culture and procedures.

"Our partnership with Precon India is a true game-changer. The cost savings alone amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Equally important, we've conquered our chronic understaffing challenge, assembling a team that's talented, smart and proactive. Without a doubt, this ranks among our most impactful decisions to date."

$30M Cabinet Subcontractor, Texas

Why Clients Love Us

US construction experience

Full time versus temp staff

Seamless integration into your company

Cost savings of 60%-70% and more

US based partnership with no long-term obligations

"I recommend Precon India for their exceptional collaboration and understanding of the intricacies of preconstruction. Their accurate reports and commitment to deadlines provides a competitive edge during bidding, enabling informed decisions and precise cost management."

VP Preconstruction
$120M General Contractor, Washington

Precon India: Your expert virtual team for preconstruction success

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